Thursday, 28 February 2008

Yumiko Nii - Performance 29th March - Cafe Shimi Musasaki in Kyoto

Just a quick note about a performance by Yumiko Nii at Cafe Shimi Murasaki (カフェ 汚点紫) in Kyoto on the 29th March. The performance starts at 8.00pm. See Flyer for details and map. The Cafe is usually open from 6.00pm till 2.00am and it is located on Kita Oji Dori,(North side of road) on the West side of the intersection of Kita Oji Dori and Horikawa Dori (営業時間18時〜2時 / 場所・堀川北大路西入る北側 ) Please see photo of the cafe. Contact 090 8143 6886. The work of two other artists (北村博子・小池芽英子) will also be on show.