Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Junkroom Special Event-Tuesday 12 Feb 2008

Special Event at Junkroom

12 February 2008

7.00pm - 10.00pm

The performance starts promptly at 7.30pm

太田ひろ Hiro Ohta (from Sapporo) /metal percussion
植村恵亮 Keisuke Uemura (from Sapporo) /guitar
池田一平 Ippei Ikeda (Kyoto) /accordion
袋坂ヤスオ Yasuo Fukurozaka (Kyoto) /dance

with DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA in the intermission.

Junkroom Address and Map

葵リサイクルショップ 2階 京都市左京区下鴨東本町11?3 葵ビル アクセス;京都駅より市バス4系統で洛北高校前下車東に約5分または206 系統で下鴨東本町下車すぐJunkroom Above Aoi Recyle Shop Shimogamo higashi honncho 11-3 Aoi bld,Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.Located on Kita Oji Dori (approx 300m East of intersection with Shimogamo Hondori)

Access by bus numbers 4, 205 or 206 from Kyoto Station (bus 4 and 205 are more direct approx 30mins from Kyoto station)

Hiro Ohta 太田ひろ

Hiro Ohta is an artist who is based in Sapporo (Hokkaido island, Japan). He makes his percussive instruments by himself from junk iron and metal objects. He released an album called “kakera” in 1997. This album is full of the beautiful sound of steel pan drums and the deep resonant sound of the kalimba. These songs have been transformed into dance club music by Charles Webster (miso records) who remixed the tracks and released a 12inch in the U.K in 2004. Also the Japanese film director Yasuaki Nakajima who is based in N.Y. has featured Hiro’s music in a movie called "AFTER THE APOCALYPSE"(2004). In this movie, music was taken from his album “kakera” as well as featuring some unreleased songs. This splendid and extremely beautiful movie was nominated for official selections in over 45 film festivals around the globe. In 2005 he recorded an album “crosspoint”, and he has been performing often in collaboration with several artists. His current art project is “PRINTS” with two electric guitarists Yosuke Hashimoto and Keisuke Uemura.  

Keisuke Uemura 植村恵亮

Musician,guitarist,composer and member of the improvisation and experimental band called “Oro Caldo” that formed in 2001 in Hokkaido (the northern island of Japan). Their music has been described as "Space Tribal Rock" and features musicians Hideki Maekawa ,and Soki Takahashi as well as Uemura. They perform live and make recordings in unusual places lfor example Buddhist temples, on the sea side, in a forest, but also at rave parties.

Ippei Ikeda 池田一平


Yasuo Fukurozaka 袋坂ヤスオ

After studying "Noh" and "Butoh", he started to do solo dance performances. He collaborated with many musicians when making improvised dances.  Yasuo usually performs outside of the theatre, for example, he once performed in the basement of Osaka Tsutenkaku . From 2006 to 2007 he created a series of performaces titled "Beautiful Japan". which criticised Japan's Prime Minister of the day. Fukurozaka is also an active member of the monthly improvised dance get-together "Dosei no Kai". 


Here are some Photographs taken at the event on 12th February 2008.