Friday, 25 July 2008

JunKroom Vol 6 - Special Event at UrBANGUILD on 5th September- See below for details.

Junkroom Vol 6 at URBANGUILD on September 5th
Doors open 6.30- Starts 7.00pm - Ends 2.00am
Entrance 1000 yen + 1 Drink (total 1500yen)

JunKroom presents a Special Event at UrBANGUILD with an amazing, eclectic and International Programme - including Performance Art, Modern Dance, Improvised Music, Sound Installation and more... An evening of Multi-disciplinary performances and artistic collaborations that will surprise, and astound you.

JunKroomが主催するSpecial Event at UrBANGUILDでは国際的で多種多様な内容をお送りします。プログラムはパフォーマンスアート、ダンス、インプロ音楽、サウンドインスタレーションなどを含み、多角的なアートを謳歌する夜をお約束します。


181-2 Zaimoku-cho
new-Kyoto bldg. 3F,
Kiyamachi Dori

Very Easy to find-Here are some basic directions

From Sanjo Dori go down Kiyamachi Dori
(This is the narrow street running alongside Takase stream
Urbanguild is on the east side (left hand side as you walk down from Sanjo) approximately 150 metres.Its on the 3rd floor of New Kyoto Building- access by elevator or stairs.

Maps/ Directions to the Venue can be found here

Featured Artists/出演者、作品提供アーティストは

Bridget Scott (UK/JPN)京都在住パフォーマンスアーティスト
Richard Dean (UK)英国在住美術系アーティスト
Sylwia Gorak (Poland)サウンドアーティスト
Floating Room (UK/JPN)インプロ音楽家
Salads in Space (US/Can)+Yangjah(JPN/KOR)インプロ + ダンス
Hiromi Shirai (JPN)神戸在住パフォーマンスアーティスト
JetVel (Canada/JPN)大阪在住インプロ音楽家
Psychedelic Desert (JPN)大阪在住インプロ音楽家
Veejay Figshta(USA/JPN)京都在住インプロ音楽家
Bloom Creation (Tokyo)東京在住サイケ・ロック音楽家
Titan No Kai (JPN)関西在住ダンス・パフォーマンスグループ
Jana Winderen (Norway)サウンドアーティスト
Teruyuki Tanaka (JPN)東京在住パフォーマンスアーティスト
Take-Bow plus guest (JPN)京都在住音楽家
Sseeaann Rrooee (UK)京都在住サウンドアーティスト



Click the highlighted link for more info about each artist.

Richard Dean (UK)

Performance Artist and more recently a printmaker who has been making a series of maps. His recent exhibition titled “Flood” (as part of the Site 08 Festival in Stroud/Bristol) has gained positive reviews in the UK Press. This set of works is described as "an Exhibition of maps of the new world when the world has warmed and sea levels have risen to an extent not seen for 5o million years." Dean will be showing some of his recent map prints at Urbanguild and will also be performing live.

Psychedelic Desert (JPN)

Psychedelic Desert is an improvisation band formed by Cuckoo and Go Tsushima in Osaka, Japan in 2004, Their psychedelic music has been described as mind expanding, primal and meditative. For this event they will be joined by Maki from Ultra Bide on Drums

Floating Room (UK/JPN)

floatingroom is a collaborative musical partnership. The duo band of Christopher Fryman and Bun Ito.

Bun ITO creates his unique soundscape with a 12 string Warr touch Guitar in an exploration minimalist tapping and looping techniques.

Christopher Fryman Is a trumpeter specializing in electronica applications to the trumpet sound, effects and delays. He also composes stage music for modern ballet, and original music for film and video games.

Sylwia Gorak (Poland)

As a painter, Gorak seeks to reevaluate the inherent beauty and awe of landscapes by introducing man-made objects, both inconsequential and architectural, that create a tension between a sense of permanence and materialism. Inspired by her hometown of Lezajsk, Poland, her paintings also draw from prior residency experiences in London, Osaka, and Sierre, Switzerland. A vocalist and performance artist as well, Gorak is also interested in acoustics and the material properties of sound. (CEC ArtsLink)

We will be screening some of Sylwia’s performance work at JunKroom Vol 6

Bridget Scott

Bridget Scott, a Londoner, debuted in 1990 as a member of the Butoh group Katsura Kan and Saltimbanques. She was a member of the group for 5 years, performing throughout Kansai and in Java and Korea. Since then Bridget has collaborated with dancers and artists in Japan and Europe and has created solo works. She has also studied under Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno and Min Tanaka. From 2006 she has been training in Nihon Buyoh (traditional Japanese dance) with Nishikawa Kayorei. Bridget is now beginning to explore the connection between non-traditional and traditional dance forms

Salads in Space (US/Canada)+
Yangjah (JPN/KOR)

Salads in Space is a trio consisting of Rick Tuazon, Charles-Eric Billard and Jerry Gordon improvising their little hearts out on Sax, Percussion and Electronics. For the JunKroom event, they are joined by Yanjah.

Yangjah (JPN/KOR) is an artist, Butoh dancer and a third generation Korean in Japan. Her works are improvised performances that often utilize elements of installation, video, photography and poetry . She gropes at the endless circulation of moments when an empty body overflows.

Hiromi Shirai

While Shirai studied in England she saw performance art for the first time. Since 1998 she has performed in Japan. People often ask her "What is Performance Art?". Without giving a precise answer back, she explained her activities in many different places and circumstances. She recently started involving elements of improvisation or collaboration with other artists in her performances. For now she is happy enough to give some sort of surprise - rather than a certain answer to that question to the audience.


Long term Japan resident hailing from Canada. When performing solo, Jeff creates his electronic sonic storms using an ever varied array of low tech instruments found objects and theremin, processed through a number of effect pedals. Jeff also lead cult improv/noise unit Empty Orchestra and has been collaborating recently with Ultra Bide’s Hide in a new project called Capital Punishment.

Veejay Figshta aka Donald the Nut (USA/JPN)

Donald was, and is the singer from Three Day Stubble, cult nerd rock originators from San Francisco. Donald will be performing solo for this event and without attempting to dampen... or raise your expectations, in the interpretive performance world of "AVI", you may well witness ..... extreme gurning, garbled glossolalia, big raw physical gestures, a helping of anger and angst, mixed with a large dose of scatalogical rock and roll and quite possibly some tearful enka.

For Junkroom Vol 6 Donald will appear as Veejay Figshta and will be Video Jockeying whilst most likely doing all of the above. Both a frightening and enthralling prospect!!

Bloom Creation (Tokyo)

Started cover band in High School (played bass). Hung out at the cemetary... High school.... authorities ban students from wearing all-black clothing. Numerous house parties, busts, trips to the outer reaches, etc. University.... Quit music. Studied world culture, art, religion, and history, especially Asia. Spent time at a temple. 2004- Decided to pursue music seriously after a series of coincidences led him to attend a bizarre avante-garde event. 2005- Played solo at places like Muryoku Muzen-zi. 2006- Formed a unit with Mr. Shin from Optrum. 2007-2008 Formed a new unit with members of Kuruu Crew. Played events with Haino Keiji, Kawabata Makoto, Afrirampo, Pikachu, Up-Tight, Yoshida Tatsuya, Overhang Party, Vava Kitora, LSD March, Suishou no Fune, Mimi no Koto, New Rock Syndicate,etc.

Titan No Kai (JPN)
Titan no Kai are an offshoot of the dance collective Dosei no Kai who run a monthly
dance gathering that welcomes members of the public as well as dance specialists to improvise together. For the JunKroom event Titan no Kai have been invited to create spontaneous performances as part of the audience........

Performers on the night are
Atashi Yoshiko
Bando Chikako
Fukurozaka Yasuo
Furukawa On
Ikeda Ippei
Ishimoto Michiyo
Matsumoto Shin-ichi
Tanaka Takashi
Yokoe Kunihiko

(Photo of Dosei No Kai at one of their dance meetings)

Jana Winderen (Norway)

Jana Winderen (N). Studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London with a background in mathematics and chemistry from the University of Oslo. Since 1993 she has worked as an artist, curator and producer, initiating and producing several independent international art projects in Bergen and in Oslo. Her most recent sound work is “- 25 metres”, a live hydrophone installation (2008) and "+4°C - from Folgefonna to the North Sea" (2007) at Sleppet during the centenary Greig07. Earlier works include the interactive sound installation "Hard Rain" (2006), based on motion tracking, and the group sound installation “freq_out 6” (2007) curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff at the Dreamland Burn exhibition in Budapest (2007). Future projects includes "Voices from the Deep" in collaboration with Chris Watson, “”freq_out 7” at Happy New Ears festival in Belgium and a CD release through Touch based on hydrophone recordings from the Icefjord Kianga by Ilulissat in Greenland. Jana has exhibited her work in Canada, China, Thailand, France, Hungary, Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Belgium and Sweden.For more information:

Sound has taken a predominant place in Jana's work since 1992. In her sound installation work she has primarily been concerned with interactions with the audience and the acoustics of a specific space.

Winderen says about her work: "I like the immateriality of a sound work and the openness it can have for both associative and direct experience and sensory perception. I have been occupied with finding sounds from unseen sources of sound, like blind field recordings. Over the last year I have collected recordings made by hydrophones, from rivers, shores and the ocean, and more recently also from glaciers in Iceland and Norway. I am also experimenting with different types of microphones to collect sounds which are not obviously recognisable, but give room for broader, more imaginative readings. I use these sounds as source material for composition in a live environment or to create installations where the audience can play with distortion and processing of the sounds.”

Text taken from Exhibition Sleppet . Curated by Jørgen Larsson. The project was supported and organised by Grieg07.

Jana Winderen will not be present at JunKroom Vol 6 , but will be sending us a Sound Piece for the event that was made from hydrophone recordings done in Disco Bay,
(by Ilulissat) in Greenland. It was performed recently at Polhøgda, Fritjof Nansen institute in Oslo.

Jana is currently planning a tour of Japan in October- Check this link and the JunKroom blog for updates.

Teruyuki Tanaka (JPN)

Teruyuki Tanaka is a performance artist who has had numerous exhibitions since the mid 1990’s. Below are some of his thoughts about his work...

When I create a work of art, there is something that I treasure. It may resemble the viscosity of water, whereby it bulges above the rim of a full glass. Whether the work is the object itself, or the act of creating the object, is not so important. What is important is the invisible energy that surrounds the object, and connects it to all other objects. It`s just like a wafer of candy. I want to use those wafers to achieve an efficacy similar to that of herbal medicine.

The image, ideal, disappointment . . .etc. When people's identities are collected and mixed, each wafer will contain an original atmosphere. The miracle can be formed momentarily over each different identities, just like the viscous bulging of water on the rim.

My work is to sow original spices to the water's surface.

Take-Bow plus guest (JPN)

Experimental/Improvisation guitarist, Sound Artist and Contemporary artist. Take-bow has been performing live since 1995. Since 1998, he has been collaborating closely with contemporary performing artists (dancers, painters and musicians). In 2001, he toured Europe with Monochrome Circus, and performend as a solo artist in Berlin. This was followed by the release of his first solo CD "Transparencia" in 2002. Solitude sound art unit began performing in 2002, and released their first CD "Solitude" the same year. Ruhe Rufen unit works with vocalized sound and experiment with Saxophone and guitar sound noise. Currently, Takebo is collaborating with other improvising artists in Japan, both musicians and dancers..

For JunKroom vol 6 Take-bow will will be creating a special performance in collaboration with undisclosed guests....

(photo shows past performance with Sanae Kuroko)

Sseeaann Rrooee (UK)

Hailing from Johannesburg and London, Kyoto resident Sseeaann Rrooee (aka Sean Roe) is a Multimedia/Performance artist and Musician who performs on Electronic Trumpet, Bass and Flute , also utilizing triggered samples and effects. When DJing (as DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA) he plays an unusual mix of Afrobeat./Artrock/ NDW/Krautrock/Musique Concrete, Soundtrack, Sound Art, Industrial Music and quirky underground music that will make you dance badly.

For Tonights event Sseeaann has created an soundtrack for Bridget Scott's dance piece - which he will perform live.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

JunKroom takes a summer vacation

The usual monthly JunKroom events in the bar above Aoi Recycle Shop on Kita Oji Dori are temporarily on hold through the summer as the venue has no air conditioning!

Way Too Hot!!


I'm writing to let you know about the JunKroom Special Summer event to be held at Urbanguild (Centrally located on Kiyamachi ) on Friday 5th September.

Urbanguild is an amazing venue with plenty of space, a great sound system, great food, easy to get to, and..... it has air conditioning!


Junkroom Vol 6 (summer special) is going to be a huge event with artists from The UK, Poland,Canada,USA, and Japan. More details to follow in the next couple of weeks, once everything has been finalized.

Please make a note in your diary!!

Normal operations at the old space will resume from October.