Thursday, 29 May 2008

Junkroom Vol 5 on Saturday 7th June

Junkroom Vol 5 on 7th June proudly presents an amazingly diverse group of performers and artists.

The event features the Prepared Guitar experimentations of Osaka based Canadian Tim Olive - Be ready for some Avant-garde Disco and Dancing from the duo Mash Cucumber - Bridget Scott, originally from London shows the influence of Butoh in her dance performances - Naked Mozart combine the talents of AVI specialist Donald the Nut with Violin theatrics from Chiko Choko - Cosmic Kaigan brings together his casiotone, guitar and percussion with the weather also possibly playing a part in his performance - Lo Fi Folk ensemble Mesuinu & Co will get us relaxed with their classic pop inspired tunes - Misuzu and Hiroyuki visit from Nagoya to present their collaboration of Dance and Electronic Music - Ura Tomoe (from Klezmer duo Inouratomoe) will perform knees up Klezmer with a mystery accompanist - Poet and Saxophonist Jerry Gordon performs with contemporary dancer and video artist Yangjah - Jetvell and Sseeaann Rrooee make some messy sonic mischief together - Johnny Miller an artist from Newcastle in the UK but now living in Tokyo, shows some of his lino cut prints - DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA plays music before, between and after the performances and there is a video lounge where you can relax and watch a few short films.

Hope you can make it...

Junkroom VOL 5
2008/06/07 Sat.

+Tim Olive
+Mash Cucumber
+Bridget Scott
+Cosmic Kaigan
+Naked Mozart
+Misuzu & Hiroyuki Furuya
+Mesuinu & Co
+Uratomoe Duo
+Yangjah & Jerry Gordon
+Johnny Miller (printmaker)
+Jetvell & Sseeaann Rrooee
++Selection of shorts in the Video Lounge

入場料 1000円
開場 7:00 pm 開演 8:00 pm

Junkroom Address and Directions to Event VENUE
葵リサイクルショップ 2階 
京都市左京区下鴨東本町11−3 葵ビル
アクセス;京都駅より市バス4系統で洛北高校前下車東に約5分または206 系統で下鴨東本町下車すぐ
Above Aoi Recyle Shop
Shimogamo higashi honncho 11-3 Aoi bld,Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.Located on Kita Oji Dori (approx 400m East of intersection with Shimogamo Hondori) Access: by Bus - numbers 4, 205 or 206, all from Kyoto Station


* From Demachiyanagi Station: (Keihan Line) get out at exit 5 and take either Bus no 1 or 4 (the bus stop is 25m behind exit)
Get off at the intersection of Shimogamo Hondori and Kita Oji Dori (approx 7 mins journey time).
From the intersection walk Eastwards along Kita Oji Dori - on the North side of the road-for approx 300m.
Junkroom is located on the 2nd floor of Aoi Building - between a large Pharmacy and 99 yen shop.

* From Kita Oji Station: (subway Karasuma Line) it is about a 15/20 min walk (1.4 km) going eastwards on Kita Oji Dori
There are many busses running along Kita Oji dori that you could take to shorten the journey time.

* From Kyoto Station: Access: by Bus -numbers 4, 205 or 206. Approx 30 mins journey

contact Sean for more info 07054378369



Naked Mozart

A recently initiated collaboration between Donald the Nut from Three Day Stubble and classical violinist Chiko Choko. Donald muses ....."I think Mozart had a rebellious spirit and liked potty humor, I do not think he was was afflicted" Having said that you are probably more likely to hear a version of Leck mich im Arsch (K. 231 /K382c) than one of his familiar pieces of work when Naked Mozart perform at Junkroom......Then again you might not hear anything even remotly related to Mozart!

Donald the Nut (Three Day Stubbleのメンバー)とクラシックバイオリニストChiko Chokoによる新コラボ。「モーツアルトは反骨精神があり下ネタジョークが好きだった。そんな音楽家が苦悩したとは思えない。」とDonaldはにやりとする。そうは言ってもJunkroomでのNaked Mozartのパフォーマンスは彼のいつもの音よりもLeck mich im Arsch (K. 231 /K382c:ドイツ語で「私の臀部を舐めなさい」の意)などが期待できるのではないかと思われる。もしくはまったくモーツアルトと関係ない演奏となるか..こうご期待!

Tim Olive

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, began playing electric bass at 12, travelling 100 km every week to study music theory and buy 70's hard rock lps. Further listening brought exposure to blues, jazz, reggae, and punk rock. A move to "the city" and its record library revealed free jazz, early electronic music, and the music of Asia.

Efforts were made to accommodate this range of music within the limits of rock instrumentation, but eventually regular rhythms and tempered pitches were jettisoned in favor of open forms, improvisation, and exploration of the full sonic possibilities of steel strings and magnetic pickups, the instrument moving from chest to lap to tabletop, the number and diameter of strings varying periodically.

Extensive touring in North America, Europe and Japan has provided Tim Olive opportunities to play with a wide range of musicians including, most recently, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Haco, Sharif Sehnaoui, and Martin Tetreault. More important, however, is the shared development afforded by longer playing/recording relationships with Jeffrey Allport, Kelly Churko, Bunsho Nisikawa (in the duo Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used ), Phroq, Mike Shiflet, and Fritz Welch, as well as a duo with dancer Corrie Befort. ( Quoted from BricoLodge)

カナダの大草原に育ち、12才でエレキベースを始めた。 まずはロックに走ったがFree Jazzを聴きロック楽器の限界が明らかになった。結局、通常のリズムと神経質なピッチをスティールストリングと磁石ピックに組み合わせることにより完全な音の可能性を見出し、インプローブを探求して、ベースとベースギターを見捨てることとなる。北米、ヨーロッパおよび日本を広く旅行してきたことにより、Tim Oliveは幅広いジャンルのミュージシャンとの演奏経験を持つ。共演者の一例は以下の通り。Alfredo Costa Monteiro, ハコ, Sharif Sehnaoui, Martin Tetreault, Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Usedの西川文章など。

Cosmic Kaigan

Born in Kyoto in 1973. Hamamoto Mitsuaki creates unique improvised performances using casiotone, guitar, and drums, etc. These improvised sonic sketches he performs, are made taking account of many factors including the weather, the space available and circumstances on the day of the performance.

1973年京都生まれ. ただの音楽好き濱本充彰によるcasiotone,ギター、ドラムなどを使った ひとり即興ライブパフォーマンス。 その日の天気や空間に合わせて、音で小宇宙をつくります。


Mash Cucumber describe themselves as “spacy cuties” They come from Osaka. They’ll be at Junkroom, performing their songs with their special brand of dizzy dancing. The audience might be in for a bit of a surprise too (I’ve been informed!)

大阪出身の歌モノゆるゆるダンスユニット。 歌とダンスのパフォーマンス、サプライズはお楽しみ☆ 宇宙から来た不思議ちゃん。仲良くしてね☆

メス戌&Co. / Mesuinu and Co

We have had a so many pop songs since the mid 20th century. mesuinu & co can be described as a place where more of those pop songs are stll born. The world is changing and shifting little by little, yet we, the singing Atsushi Iwata, the swinging Akihiro Yoshida and the chopping Kunihiko Iwata are always there. Sometimes other lovely musicians join us and bring the temperature of the place up or down. And again we still want to sing that song. The band has changed its charactaristics and has shifted in many directions but has now setlled as a soft Rock Band.

20世紀中頃からさんざん流されてきたポップソングがいまだに生まれ続ける場所。世界は少しづつずれていくというのに。飽きもせず。そこには、だいたいいつも うたう岩田篤とゆらぐ吉田明弘ときざむ岩田邦彦が居て、ほかにも素敵な演奏家たちが出たり入ったり。そのたび気温は上がったり下がったり。そして今日も、うたいたくなるのはあの歌。バンドは紆余曲折を経た後、岩田篤・吉田明弘・岩田邦彦を中心に拡散するちょっと体の柔らかいロックバンドという現在の形態に落ち着き、活動を続ける。

Bridget Scott

Bridget Scott, a Londoner, debuted in 1990 as a member of the Butoh group Katsura Kan and Saltimbanques. She was a member of the group for 5 years, performing throughout Kansai and in Java and Korea. Since then Bridget has collaborated with dancers and artists in Japan and Europe and has created solo works. She has also studied under Kazuo and Yoshito Ohno and Min Tanaka. From 2006 she has been training in Nihon Buyoh (traditional Japanese dance) with Nishikawa Kayorei. Bridget is now beginning to explore the connection between non-traditional and traditional dance forms

ロンドン生まれのBridget Scottは1990年に舞踏グループ桂勘& Saltimbanques のメンバーとしてデビュー。5年間の在籍中日本、ジャワ、韓国などで活動する。それ以降は日本の他のダンサーやアーティストとコラボレートをしたり、ソロ活動を続けた。また、大野一雄と田中民にも師事した。2006年より、日本舞踊を西川千麗の下で習い、今後は伝統的な踊りと非伝統的なダンスの接点を探っていく

Jetvell + Sseeaann Rrooee (Duo)

Long term Japan resident hailing from Canada. When performing solo, Jeff creates his electronic sonic storms using an ever varied array of low tech instruments, MD Players, Bowed Cymbals and Theremin, processed through numerous effect pedals. Jeff also leads cult improv/noise unit Empty Orchestra. Sseeaann Rrooee (aka Sean Roe) will be collaborating with Jeff for this event, performing on Bass and Flute , with Triggered samples and effects. Could be quirky and noisy!

カナダ出身の Jeff はカクテルミキサーやテルミンなどのさまざまなローテク器械を駆使し、エフェクトペダルで作り上げるエレトロニックサウンドを展開。今回のイベントではSseeaann Rrooee(Sean Roe)とのコラボではベースとフルートにトリガーサンプル、エフェクターを交え、風変わりでノイジーな音を聞かせてくれそうだ。

Misuzu + Hiroyuki Furuya

Misuzu is a Dancer and Actor based in Nagoya. She trained as a ballet dancer in her childhood. Her involvement in contemporary dance began through a fortuitous meeting with someone who combined dancing with acting. Embracing this approach, she now acts in productions of physical theatre and also works as a solo dancer. For this event she will collaborate with Hiroyuki Furuya who will provide a sonic backdrop to her performance.

**みすず** バレエ、ジャズダンス活動を経て、舞踏に関心を持つ。演劇にも関心を持ち身体表現を追求した舞台に主に出演。名古屋中心に演劇、ダンス等様々な分野で活動中。ここ最近、眉なしにはまっている…                                    
***古屋裕之*** 幼少よりヴァイオリン、ピアノを習い中学でギターに目覚める。高校では 軽音楽部に入り浸り大学はアメリカへ。大学で映画音楽に関心を持ち以降映像、舞台など視覚文化との共存を模索している。現在は名古屋を拠点にバンド、舞台音響などで活動中。


Ura Tomoe is the clarinet playing half of Klezmer duo Inouratomoe who have built up an amazing reputation with their quirky take on traditional Klezmer music. For tonights performance Tomoe will be bringing a guest musician from Osaka to accompany her. Expect some fast and frenetic playing, unusual time signatures and plenty of torn ligaments and broken ankles because of overexuberance on the dance floor!


Johnny Miller

Born in Newcastle in 1962. Johnny Miller continues with his own story.....“I worked as a cook from the age of 15 in a big French kitchen, run in the style of Escoffier. I Burnt out working there. After that I worked as a cook in St Nicholas’ Lunatic Asylum, where the cooking practices were too weird and frightening. I went to London and cooked just about everywhere. In 1991 I studied at The Royal College of Art in London where I did a Masters degree in Printmaking. After that I came to Japan, opened a tapas bar, and started to learn the noble craft of Flamenco dancing. I currently live and work in Tokyo”


Recent Exhibitions include- (2007) DC, Düsseldorf -18.-22. April "Cabinet", Galerie Barbara Thumm,- Berlin April 07 Galerie Thomas Rehbein, Cologne Sept 07 ( 2006)"I Walk the Lines", Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin Osaka Film Festival, Osaka, Japan

Yangjah+ Jerry Gordon

Yangjah is an artist, a Butoh dancer and a third generation Korean in Japan. Her works are improvised performances that often utilize elements of installation, video, photography and poetry . She gropes at the endless circulation of moments when an empty body overflows. (Photo copyright: Yuri SHIBATA)

日本生まれ、大阪暮らしのコリアン・ディアスポラ。19歳で日本の外のアジアに飛び出し、カラダひとつでできることを求めるようになる。国内外・屋内外問わずあらゆる空間で、様々なジャンルのアーティストと即興でコラボレーションを重ね、身体表現を探求している。インスタレーションや映像作品も制作・発表している。「 空っぽなカラダから満ちあふれてくる瞬間のつらなり」を模索している。

Jerry Gordon is the air-powered half of the Osaka-based plinkplonk duo Smouldering Door. He came to improvised music after decades of foraging in the jungles of poetry and long-winded ontological discourse. Breathing through metal has not cured him. He still asks questions, but now they are misunderstood at a different volume.


Hailing from Johannesburg and London, Kyoto resident DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA is the moniker of Performance/Video Artist Sean Roe. He plays an eclectic mix of Afrobeat./Artrock/ NDW/Krautrock/Musique Concrete, Soundtrack and Sound Art.

南アフリカ出身のパフォーマンス/ビデオアーティストSean Roe。ロンドンから日本に移住。DJとしてアフロビート、アートロック、NDW、クラウトロック、Musique Concrete、サウンドアートを発信。初めて耳にするような音源で体を踊らせてくれるだろう。

Monday, 5 May 2008

Joseph Nkosi Performance

Managed to catch a really amazing performance by Joseph Nkosi over Golden Week. Joseph plays a vast array of percussion (home made marimbas, congas,mbira,) both solo and accompanied by Tomomi Owase. Really spirited and positive performance with workshop at the end that had the entire audience clapping and stomping their feet- with some kid shouting "すごい" which was a pretty apt description of the proceedings! More details of Joseph's activities can be found here. His next gig on 18th May is in Osaka at PINO. Check Joseph's site for details.

Joseph Nkosi's performance was part of a larger event organized by Ohanashi Mura headed by Prof Eguchi who spent many years living in Cameroon. At the event, dressed in a traditional robe, he told three children's stories accompanied by Tomomi Owase on percussion and small marimba.