Monday, 5 May 2008

Joseph Nkosi Performance

Managed to catch a really amazing performance by Joseph Nkosi over Golden Week. Joseph plays a vast array of percussion (home made marimbas, congas,mbira,) both solo and accompanied by Tomomi Owase. Really spirited and positive performance with workshop at the end that had the entire audience clapping and stomping their feet- with some kid shouting "すごい" which was a pretty apt description of the proceedings! More details of Joseph's activities can be found here. His next gig on 18th May is in Osaka at PINO. Check Joseph's site for details.

Joseph Nkosi's performance was part of a larger event organized by Ohanashi Mura headed by Prof Eguchi who spent many years living in Cameroon. At the event, dressed in a traditional robe, he told three children's stories accompanied by Tomomi Owase on percussion and small marimba.