Thursday, 17 February 2011

JunKroom Special Event 17th February 2011 @ Urbanguild Kyoto

Alexander Rishaug アレクサンデル・リスァグ(Smalltown Supersound), Phonophani フォノファニ(Espen Sommer Eide) エスペン・ソンメル・アイダ(Rune Grammofon)and Sigbjorn Apeland シグボーン・アプランド ハーモニウム電子音楽プレーヤー

PLUS!! Yosuke Fujita Japan, Mitsu Salmon & ryotaro USA/Japan, ieva (Samuel Andre) France, Sseeaann Rrooee UK

JunKroom special event
17th February 2011 (Thursday)
at Urbanguild
Doors open 6.45pm Starts 7.00pm
1500yen adv 2000yen at door (includes 1 drink)

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and and get reduced entry (1500 yen inc 1 Drink)

International Show with 3 amazing guests from Norway!

Alexander Rishaug Norway
Phonophani (Espen Sommer Eide) Norway
Sigbjorn Apeland Norway
Yosuke Fujita Japan
Mitsu Salmon & ryotaro USA/Japan
ieva (Samuel Andre) France
Sseeaann Rrooee UK

Alexander Rishaug is a sound artist and musician based in Oslo, Norway. His sound is melodic, melancholic and often quiet. Rishaug explores tones and textures through the use of electronics, field recordings, toys or simply just playing around with an instrument. Rishaug combines an intimate knowledge of his musical equipment with the curiousness of an amateur. Rishaug was one of the key figures in ARM, a improv collective with Arne Borgan and Are Mokkelbost (Single Unit). As a solo artist he has worked with: Elin Vister, Svarte Greiner, Lasse Marhaug, Marius Watz, Andreas Meland, Erich Berger, Ivar Grydeland, Ole Henrik Moe, Kari Rønnekleiv, Pekka Stokke and Tape.

Alexander Rishaug/アレクサンデル・リスァグ:

1974年生まれ。オスロ在住のサウンドアーティスト/プロデューサー。既成の楽器にとらわれず、電子音や フィールドレコーディング、玩具など様々なエレメントを音響面から探求している。機材に関する深い造詣と 無邪気な遊び心を持ち合わせながら、Steve ReichやTerry Rileyを思わせるサウンドスケープを 作り上げることを得意としている。同時に90年代以降のグリッチ的手法とピエール・アンリやベルナール・ パルメジアーニの作曲語法を融和させたような構造を自身の表現の中に取り込んでいる。
オヴァルを引き合いに出されることもあるが、そこには批評性や没個性よりもむしろ、シンガーソングライターの 志向性に近い人間的な暖かさと喜びに彩られているのが彼の作品の特徴である。一方で、ブラックメタルの UlverやノイズユニットJazzkammerなどのリミックスを手がけるほか、コンラッド・シュニッツラーとコラボ レーションを果たすといったオープンなスタンスも彼のもうひとつの持ち味である。

Phonophani (Espen Sommer Eide) was born in Oslo, Norway. Espen played music originally on percussion instruments, flutes and trumpet, before emphasising computer-generated sounds. He currently lives in Bergen, Norway where he is involved in the city's experimental music scene. Eide has released several solo albums as Phonophani, under the Rune Grammofon record label. Phonophani is multi-instrumentalist and digital electronics music, characterized by various manipulated live instruments integrated with pure electronic sounds. Espen Sommer Eide is the developer of the Concertinome, a custom made instrument combining the concertina accordion with the monome style keyboard and electronic air pressure sensors. Eide also records music with Alog, his musical partnership with fellow Norwegian musician, Dag-Are Haugan. In 2005, Alog was the winner of the Spellemannprisen, the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammy. In 2007, Alog was nominated for a Spellemannprisen for the album Amateur.

Phonophani/フォノファニ(Espen Sommer Eide/エスペン・ソンメル・アイダ):

1972年生まれ。ベルゲン在住のミュージシャン/アーティスト。Phonophani名義で作品を発表するほか、Alog のメンバーとしても知られている。エレクトロニクスとアコースティックを組み合わせた精巧かつ複雑な自作楽器 を用いた演奏を行う。これまでにRune Grammofonから多数のアルバムを発表しており、Alog名義の作品では ノルウェーのグラミー賞にあたる「Spellemannsprisen」を受賞している。
一方で、サイトスペシフィックなアート作品の制作や、劇団Verdensteatretに参加するなど音楽家以外の側面も 持っている。ル・コルビュジェ教会(フランス)の50周年記念制作やNorthern Lights Festival(ノルウェー)での サウンドインスタレーション、Manifesta7(イタリア)における古いレコードを再構築したオリジナル楽器の発表など その成果は多岐に渡る。
現在はノルウェー国内の美術館に向けたパーマネントコレクションの制作を手がける傍ら、インターネット上での 作品制作にも着手。過去にはベルゲンで電子音楽フェスのディレクターも歴任している。

Sigbjørn Apeland (born 1966) is a musician (organ, harmonium) and academic, well known for work that can be placed on the border between folk music, church music and improvisatory music.
After growing up in Sveio he graduated from The Rogaland Conservatory of Music (1988) specializing in the study and the performance of Church Music. He also studied ethnomusicology at the University of Bergen (1998), before doing a research fellowship at the Grieg Academy writing his dissertation on the Musical Life in the Norwegian Church as Cultural Practice (2005). Apeland has participated in a number of releases by Nils Økland (1995 -), Reid Horvei (1998), Inge Leiv Kvammen and Olav Kvammen (2000), Asne Valland Nordli (2001), Maryland's (2001), and Agnes Buen Garnås (2002). Apeland also plays with the Hardanger fiddle player Synnøve S. Bjørset and collaborates with Knut Hamre and Benedicte Riise Hildegun Maurseth.

Sigbjorn Apeland
オルガン・ハルモニウム奏者。ベルゲンでサンドヴィケン教会の常任オルガン奏者を務める。ノルウェイの民族音楽、電子音楽、即興音楽とのコラボレーション、インスタレーション「Organ Tower」などミクストメディアの作曲演奏も精力的に行っている。ノルウェイのグラミー賞(Spellemannsprisen)を2006年(Alogとエレクトロニカ部門)と2007年(Sigrid Moldestadと民族音楽部門)に受賞。

fujita yosuke/音楽家広島県尾道市生まれ、香川県出身。
楽器は主に声とギター、そして自作楽器「11's Moon Organ」を演奏する。
音を聴き、そこに触れることを感じさせる、“間”の演奏術が特徴的である。2009年、空想を具現化した完全自作のパイプオルガンを製作。自作楽器「11's Moon Organ」である。ふいごから何まで一人自宅にて作り上げ、風箱には8個の石が置かれ、その風圧により11本のパイプを鳴らす。鍵盤が無い全く独自の構造によるドローンサウンドである。
手作業によるパイプのいびつさから生まれた複雑な空気のノイズを利用し、風の揺らぎ、星の振動、動物の鳴声とも云えるノイズ奏法から美しいハーモニーまでを持つ、独特の響きである。また絵や写真作品の制作、アートワークやSelf-Portraitなど、力の抜けた姿勢を持ち、2007年には金沢、大阪にて個展『藤田陽介作品展 〈森の子供〉』を開催。
現在までに「芸術家にて」(2006)、「石切と4つのコンチェルト」(2008)と二枚のアルバムをFlavour of Soundより発表。現在、石切(大阪)の小さな一軒家で暮らし、各地で活動を行う。

Mitsu Salmon creates solo and collaborative performance pieces weaving together music, dance, text and imagery. She was born in Los Angeles, California. She has received her BFA from the Experimental Theater Wing at New York University (January 2005). She has lived, worked and studied in England, Germany, Amsterdam and India. Currently she resides in Kyoto, Japan where she studies dance and performs with Ima Tenko and collaborates with accordionist/performer ryotaro. Her work has been presented at places such Performance Space 122, Highways Performance Space and internationally at Hebbel Am Uffer, the Berlin Performance Art Festival and the London Performance Art Festival

ryotaro is an accordionist, composer and performer. He uses MIDI-accordion; intermixing accordion, synthesizer and programmed sounds to create compositions.He has also performed and recorded albums with the bands Elements, Alternate Symphony, trace elements and Picaresque.In addition,he has also collaborated and improvised with Take-bow (performer and table top guitarist), Meri Otoshi (dancer), Mitsu Salmon (performer) and other dancers, actors and painters. He composed, played music and acted in the film "Jellyfish" directed by Nadia Porcar, which was screened at the Osaka European Film Festival in 2004. In 2008, ryotaro released his 1st solo album "Jelly, nico & I".

ieva (Samuel Andre)Musician and award winning film soundtrack composer. His live performances use multi layered field recordings that are overlayed creating quite mysterious imaginary aural worlds.

Sean Roe (a.k.a Sseeaann Rrooee) was born in Crawley, England 1963. He is a Multimedia artist, Musician and Curator, having studied Fine Art at Goldsmiths College (London University) and at Middlesex University in London. He has exhibited and performed widely in the UK, Europe and Japan, and has also lectured and conducted workshops in Colleges, Galleries and Art Centres. Since 2007 he has produced the JunKroom multi-disciplinary live event in Kyoto ( and more recently has helped establish "For Gaza" a fundraising project that raises awareness about the plight of the Palestinians through music and performance, and through lectures and discussion. (



181-2 Zaimoku-cho
new-Kyoto bldg. 3F,
Kiyamachi Dori

Very Easy to find-
Here are some basic directions

From Sanjo Dori
go down Kiyamachi Dori
(This is the narrow street running alongside Takase stream
Urbanguild is on the east side
(left hand side as you walk down from Sanjo)
walk approximately 150 metres.
Its on the 3rd floor of New Kyoto Building-access by elevator or stairs