Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Heres a very late mention of a fun sounding event at Club Metro in Kyoto hosted by 10000t record shop (Jun Man Ton) My favourite vinyl dispensary in Kyoto.This event has live Nabe cooking sessions as well as DJ's and live music DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA will be making a late appearance

Heres the schedule  

~23:30 BoOoO (DJ)
23:30~0:00 Dj Sneaker (DJ)
0:00~0:20 k.yamamot vs ememe (LIVE)
0:20~0:50 YUSUKE OHISHI (DJ)
0:50~1:20 DALi (DJ)
1:20~2:00 SHIMOMU (DJ)
2:00~2:30 starry dorps (DJ)
2:30~3:05 DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA (DJ)
3:05~3:15 Sanechika Shuhei (LIVE)
3:15~3:45 Ma-Shu (DJ)
3:45~ DJ 400% (shimomu&bitoh)