Sunday, 1 February 2009

Next JunKroom Event on 1st February 2009 @ URBANGUILD

For this event we have a guest performer from Sydney (Kusum Normoyle) a Gospel Choir (Seven Fields) Video Installation/Performance (Mariko Tajiri) a collaboration between Butoh Dancer Yangjah and multi Instrumentalist Akiko Igaki , Percussion led Trio Baku from Osaka, Mutant Trombone by Tadashi Yonago, Mashmaster JP DuQuette, Soundscapist Tim Olive and DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA. all for 1000yen (plus one drink!)

JunKroom Vol 8
at URBANGUILD on 1st Feb 2009 (Sunday)

Doors open 6.30- Starts 7.00pm - Ends 12.00pm
Entrance: 1500 includes 1 Drink

Featured Artists

Kusum Normoyle
Tim Olive
Akiko Igaki with Yangjah
Tadashi Yonago
Mariko Tajiri
JP DuQuette
DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA (Sseeaann Rrooee)

with special guests SEVEN Fields from J

JunKroom presents a Special Event at UrBANGUILD with an amazing, eclectic and International Programme - including Performance Art, Modern Dance, Improvised Music, Sound Installation and more... An evening of Multi-disciplinary performances and artistic collaborations that will surprise, and astound you.

JunKroomが主催するSpecial Event at UrBANGUILDでは国際的で多種多様な内容をお送りします。プログラムはパフォーマンスアート、ダンス、インプロ音楽、サウンドインスタレーションなどを含み、多角的なアートを謳歌する夜をお約束します。


181-2 Zaimoku-cho
new-Kyoto bldg. 3F,
Kiyamachi Dori

Very Easy to find-Here are some basic directions

From Sanjo Dori go down Kiyamachi Dori
(This is the narrow street running alongside Takase stream
Urbanguild is on the east side (left hand side as you walk down from Sanjo) approximately 150 metres.Its on the 3rd floor of New Kyoto Building- access by elevator or stairs.

Maps/ Directions to the Venue can be found here


Kusum Normoyle
Kusum is an improvising vocalist/electronic artist/alternative pop musician based in Sydney. She works with voice and electronics creating performances and installations.

Tim Olive
Tim Olive's table top guitar performances can be described as an exploration of the full sonic possibilities of steel strings and magnetic pickups. Extensive touring in North America, Europe and Japan has provided Tim Olive opportunities to play with a wide range of musicians including, most recently, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Haco, Sharif Sehnaoui, and Martin Tetreault, Jeffrey Allport, Kelly Churko, Bunsho Nisikawa (in the duo Supernatural Hot Rug And Not Used ), Phroq, Mike Shiflet, and Fritz Welch, as well as a duo with dancer Corrie Befort. ( edited quote from BricoLodge)

Akiko Igaki
Akiko Igaki performs on violin(It's her main instrument),voice,keyboard instrument,piano,mini accordion, melodica,glockenspiel,synthesizer, clarinet,toy,percussion,guitar, cello, and everyday articles. She enjoys performing, composing and living! Akiko is also a member of a number of Kyoto/Kansai based bands including たゆたう (tayutau), Llama, 地中池 chichuike and ",G "

Yangjah is an artist, a Butoh dancer and a third generation Korean in Japan.

Her works are improvised performances that often utilize elements of installation, video, photography and poetry.

She gropes at the endless circulation of moments when an empty body overflows.

Akiko Igaki and Yangjah will perform together at this event.

BAKU (Yuichi Arai, Takezo Aoki and Jerry Gordon) will play an eclectic mix of free improvised jazz-tinged experimentation.

Tadashi Yonago
Tadashi Yonago performs solo on trombone often integrating the use of MAX software in his performances creating ethereal sound-scapes with some some added digital dissonance.

Mariko Tajiri
Mariko TAJIRI specializes in installation and performance mainly using video. Produces works that affect not only the sight but other senses of the beholder as well. Likes travel, eating, walking, shooting (video and photo), and taking a rest.Biographical details- 1966- Born in Osaka, Japan- 1989- Graduated from Kyoto College of Art, section of visual arts.1995- D.N.A.P. at Ecole Nationale d'Art de Cergy-Pontoise, France.1998- D.N.S.E.P. with mention at Ecole Nationale d'Art de Cergy-Pontoise, France. Awarded the Philip Morris Art Award 2000 with an exhibition at Ebisu Garden Hall, Tokyo.

JP DuQuette
California-born critic, DJ and musician, currently living in Kyoto, Japan. Briefly a member of Orange County industrial unit Final Destruction Sequence in the early 90’s. Formerly known as JPD. Currently a member of improv electronic duo Cell 63.

DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA (Sseeaann Rrooee)
Hailing from Johannesburg and London, Kyoto resident DJ AFRIphoniCAAAA is the moniker of Performance/Video Artist Sean Roe (aka Sseeaann Rrooee) He plays an eclectic mix of Afrobeat./Artrock/ NDW/Krautrock/Musique Concrete, Soundtrack and Sound Art. He also performs in Improv duo Malawicob with Jet Vel.

SEVEN Fields from J
As it's Sunday, we are pleased to have some Gospel Music from seven Fields from J!
The members of this vocal group are Erika Yoneda,Keisuke Ota,Nozomi Uchiyama,Satomi Inada,Tatsuya Kitamura,Yukino Yamamoto with pianist Mai Shichino. Many thanks to Satomi Inada for organizing this performance.

Check the Urbanguild homepage

What the Press say about JunKroom events....

"...where visual art collides with sound,performance & dance for a truly original live experience" Kansai Time Out (Dec)

"Kyoto's premier avant-garde get-together" Japanzine (Sept)

"...avant-garde hodge-podge Junkroom event... featuring a cavalcade of noise and noisy musicians, dancers and performance artists..." / Kansai Calling (Dec)