Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Ima Tenko/今貂子(Butoh)+Itaru Oki/沖至(trumpet) 10月29日 (wed) URBANGUILD

Noticed this on the schedule at Urbanguild - organized by "Paris ∞ Kyoto vol.2"
Solo Dance by Ima Tenko accompanied by Itaru Oki on Trumpet.
See details below- pasted from Urbanguild homepage.

10月29日 (wed) 即興セッション「Paris ∞ Kyoto」vol.2

80 年代より舞踏シーンをリードしてきた白虎社に参加した経歴を持ち、現在は京都を拠点に舞踏という身体表現を追及する舞踏家、今貂子。自身が主宰する舞踏カンパニー「今貂子+倚羅座」は、00年の結成以来、精力的に活動を展開し、05年ヨーロッパツアー、07年京都・五條楽園歌舞練場での公演「たからづくし」では多くの観客を魅了した。共演するのは60-70年代にかけ、日本のフリージャズシーンで活躍し、現在はパリを拠点にジャズプレーヤーとして積極的に活動をしているトランペット奏者、沖至。74年のフランスへの移住宣言は日本中で大きな話題となり、朝日新聞・天声人語欄でも「沖至のパリ移住はひとつの頭脳流出である」と書かれたほど。DVD「パリ∞京都/沖至」の発売を記念して、3年ぶりに即興セッションが実現。表現の原点に迫るスリリングな芸の出会い、ぶつかり合い。乞うご期待!!!


OPEN 18:30/ START 19:30
adv.2300 yen with 1drink / door 2700 yen with 1drink

Itaru, OKI
Born in Suma-Ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan on 10th September 1941. Oki Itaru was raised in a rich musical environment; his father was a player of the Shakuhachi (Japanese vertical flute) and his mother was a master of the Koto (Japanese horizontal harp) of the Ikuta School. He started to play the trumpet in his high school brass band before playing in a Dixieland style band and then in a bop band. In the late 1960’s, the trumpeter began playing free jazz. He changed his place of performance from Kansai (a western area of Japan) to Tokyo in 1965. After improving his skill in many groups, he joined an experimental unit “ESSG” of Togashi Masahiko and Sato Masahiko. Oki made his first tour to Europe with the ESSG in 1969. After being back from Europe, he formed the Oki Itaru Trio, which later grew into a quartet. In June 1974, he moved to Paris, France. After living in Lyon for a while, he moved back to Paris in December 1999. Until the present, Oki has continually performed at concerts and festivals in France and various other countries in Europe.

(Extract from Itaru Oki's Homepage)

Below are some photographs I took at the performance.