Sunday, 15 June 2008

Eugene Chadbourne & Jimmy Carl Black live @ Urbanguild 15th June

Some snaps from the event last night.Hide introduced the acts jokingly as sort of generations of Rock - Young 'uns first up were one of Hide's favourite local bands Z-Z言語 performing their hybridized high energy punk mashed song work outs sounding something like a cross between Naked City (with Eye on vocals) and At The Drive In. Shayne Bowden forewarned us about the high volume of his performance (nice guy- giving us time to insert earplugs) So following the pre- performance banter we had 15 minutes of stop start high volume electronic shrieking and feedback interspersed with fragments of personal narrative and what sounded like a tirade against his former employer and some TV personalities also getting a mention (?) Mostly delivered in Japanese - hence some doubts about my understanding (?) Ultra Bide's followed with their twin bass barrage (fretted and fretless) - loud and fast rockin'and tighter than a clenched fist! Finally headliners Eugene Chadbourne and Jimmy Carl Black, starting off with finger pickin' country with Eugene performing on Banjo with Jimmy on drums who was a little sluggish to start...Things picked up and they ran the gamut(ations) through Willie the Pimp with Jimmy on vocals, and a sequence of other countrynoise tinged Connecticutexan un-standards- A switch to guitar raised the tempo and volume and brought the event stomping 'to a sweet finale with Hendrix's Foxy Lady and some electric rake work on floor, walls and I think Donald the Nut's back! Digital duck calls were also thrown in as a bonus. DJ DUQUETTE played between the acts on stage, introduced us to the heroic antics of Kimber the dog with local mavericks Oh my Cow also featuring in his eclectic mix.

Good Night!

ギター怪人という異名を持つ超個性的ギタリスト。 1970年代初頭から活動を開始し、フリー・ジャズ、カントリー、クラシック、ブルース、ロック、パンクなど全ての分野で活躍。80年代には、ショッカビリーを結成したり、ジョン・ゾーンのコブラにも参加し、日本でも注目を集めた。大友良英、山本精一、近藤等則、吉田達也、灰野敬二、羽野昌二などの日本人から、レオ・スミス、フレッド・フリス、ヘンリー・カイザー、デヴィット・トゥープ、スティ−ヴ・レイシー、カーラ・ブレィ、ハンベニング、ピーターブロッツマン、ビル・ラズウエル、デレク・ベイリー、ジム・オルーク等、共演者を挙げていくときりがない。来日経験あり。

EUGENE CHADBOURNE: all-rounder, satirist, jazz- and rock-guitarist, music journalist, co-founder of the legendary zappa-esque punk trio "Shockabilly", inventor of the electric rake, master of the one hundred twenty eighth note, the unthinkable cover version and making country an object of irony... it's impossible to not know this icon of U.S. counterculture. To get a formidable introduction into the strange world of Eugene C.


JIMMY CARL BLACK: nomad blooded musician, who will never stop cause he needs to perform like others need air to breathe. He was a member of Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention", which he later on reanimated as "The Grandmothers". His countless releases swayed between Traditional and zappa-esque irony and exhibit an adept but not deadly serious revue of american music ranging from Cotton Songs and Blues to C.C. Rider and Pop.

(Biographies from Captain Trip Homepage)